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SUNLITE-EC (Economy Class)

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Featuring 1024 DMX channels (expandable to 2048), 4 XLR connectors, a sleek anthracite dark gray housing and a backlit keyboard, the new SUNLITE-EC offers a powerful and user friendly experience with Sunlite Suite 3.

The new SUNLITE-EC is our latest generation of DMX interface for Sunlite Suite 3 software.

Along with its sleek anthracite dark gray design, the SUNLITE-EC provides 4 DMX connectors and a backlit keyboard to control your lights.

Featuring 1024 DMX channels and Sunlite Suite 3 EXPRESS out of the box the interface can be upgraded to 2048 channels or the FULL software version on DmxSoft store.

If working under EXPRESS mode, Sunlite SUITE 3 does not allow the use of AUDIO/VIDEO, the sync with Midi Time Code nor the use of time triggers.
Having said that, the EXPRESS mode can be enough for most of the applications.

Time triggers, multimedia (AUDIO and VIDEO), Midi Time Code sync...Everything is available, you will not need to buy any extension to take benefit of the software power. The FULL mode can be required should you want to build a fully synchronized show.

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