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SUNLITE-FC (First Class)

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Featuring 1536 DMX channels (expandable to 2048) on 4 XLR connectors, a strong metal case and a USB-B connector, the SUNLITE-FC is a durable solution for difficult environments and installations like clubs, touring...

The SUNLITE-FC is the perfect DMX interface to benefit from the power of Sunlite Suite 3 software in FULL mode.

The new SUNLITE-FC is our latest generation of First Class DMX interface for Sunlite Suite 3 software.

Featuring 1536 DMX channels out of the box the interface can be upgraded to 2048 channels on DmxSoft store.

The FULL software mode offers the following possibilities
Time triggers, multimedia (AUDIO and VIDEO), Midi Time Code sync...Everything is available, you will not need to buy any extension to take benefit of the software power. The FULL mode can be required should you want to build a fully synchronized show.

The SUNLITE-FC comes with a microSD stand alone memory, allowing for programmed shows to be run in stand alone without a computer. This powerful feature is perfect for smaller shows where a computer is not needed, as a backup in case of computer failure, for rental applications or for architectural installations.

The stand alone scenes can be changed via the 3 front panel buttons: zone, next and previous.

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