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Robe LEDBeam 350

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Bigger, bolder, brighter! Building on the highly successful LEDBeam 150™ the big brother LEDBeam 350™ has arrived, delivering more punch and presence to create even more fast sweeping beams and gorgeous washes.

Maintaining the spectacular 3.8° to 60° zoom range and Robe’s innovative lens coating technology, which keeps lenses clearer and scratch-free, we have added more advanced technology. CPulse™, our highly respected Pulse Width Modulation control system, removes any on-screen camera flicker, making LEDBeam 350’s eminently suitable for work with the most advanced HD and UHD cameras.

All features, including fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control from its smaller sister can be maintained via a compatibility mode, meaning seamlessly use both models together with identical behaviour on the same rig. The 12 x 40W RGBW high power multichips provide plenty of output or CMY colour mixing control. DataSwatch™ contains 66 premixed colours and tones, including whites, for fast, reliable colour selection, while our system takes care of imperceptible fades to black.

Being exceptionally quiet, due to the advanced cooling system and new super smooth zoom stepper motors, tungsten lamp emulation for lamps 2500W, and a variable CTO from 2.700K to 8.000K, the fixture is ideal for theatrical use.

The LEDBeam 350™ FW version offers a Fresnel-Wash type of beam for smoother edges and better colour homogenization.

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  • Light source
    12x 40W RGBW multichips

    Light output
    6.574 lm, 28.200 lx @ 5 m

    Zoom range
    3,8° – 60°