DINA-DR2 - NAN Audiovisuais


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DIN rail mounted lighting controller
The DINA-DR2 is built on the latest generation of lighting controllers from Nicolaudie Architectural and combines all our recent innovations. Designed for DIN rail mounting, the DINA-DR2 is the perfect solution for mid-range lighting installations. Delivered with 1024 DMX channels, the controller can be ugraded to 1536 by adding a 3rd DMX universe.

Programmable with ESA Pro 2 software or with Arcolis application, the DINA-DR2 features the new Nicolaudie Stand Alone engine (NSA) offering some great possibilities (multi-zone, extended triggers, 16-bit channels management...).

Thanks to its Ethernet connection, the DINA-DR2 can be controlled from our Easy Remote Pro or LightPad applications as well as connected to the Internet and operated with the LS Cloud service.

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