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ColorSource PAR jr - NAN Audiovisuais

ColorSource PAR jr

Compact washlight

As its name suggests, ColorSource PAR jr is a compact version of the much-loved ColorSource PAR. Crafted by lighting experts, PAR jr uses a four-color array of red, green, blue and lime to provide bold, bright color and high-quality white light in a surprisingly small formfactor. Don’t let its small size fool you. This fixture shines bright at over 2300 lumens! Its light weight and fanless design make it an ideal option for onstage and onset applications that require complete silence.

Color Integrity

ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency between the fixtures you buy today, and the fixtures we know you’ll want to buy years from now.

LEDs naturally droop and change wavelength as they warm up. ETC fixtures take this into consideration and have built-in thermal management algorithms to ensure that the colors you choose at the beginning of rehearsal are the same colors you see hours later.

The Right Recipe

ColorSource PAR jr is available with two different array options: 

Original - Warm pastels and hues to enhance skin tones

Deep Blue - Deep, saturated blues and magentas 

Designed for performance

Because of its smaller size, you can fit PAR jr into places normally reserved for architectural style lighting fixtures. Tuck them into truss, inside of or behind set pieces, or any other creative audience enhancing locations!

For broadcast and film

Thinking about using PAR jr for broadcasts of concerts, worship services, or for live tv? The fan-free operation makes the fixture ultra quiet while the flicker-free technology keeps your sets and talent looking great both in person and on screen.

More light where you need it

Lower watts for more output mean lower power consumption and gives you up to 18 luminaires per circuit! But, perhaps just as importantly, it means lower heat, which leads to a longer, brighter life. Lower wattage also means more fixtures on a single circuit, so you’ll get more light where you need it!


We put our money where our mouth is. Most LED luminaire manufacturers offer a 2-year limited warranty. ETC offers a 5-year warranty on the entire fixture, and an astonishing 10-year warranty on the LED array.