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ETC Source Four LED Series 2 - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC Source Four LED Series 2

The Source Four LED Series 2 revolutionizes LED lighting. With optimized arrays and finely-tuned electronics, Series 2 offers a combination of
light quality and output that cannot be matched.

Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr luminaires are based on the x7 Color System, utilizing seven colors including high-output lime to achieve true,
usable broad-spectrum color with a depth and feel beyond any RGB fixture.

Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD and Tungsten HD arrays are designed for broadcast lighting, offering flicker-free operation and highdefinition lighting. With a new mix of LED emitters, the luminaires’ output is significantly brighter than the original Source Four LED white-light
arrays. The Daylight HD array produces variable-cool white (4000 to 6500 K) light that imitates natural daylight. The Tungsten HD array matches
conventional tungsten lighting, with adjustable warm-white (2700 to 4500 K) light. They offer tint control, so they can be tweaked to perfectly
illuminate individual skin tones.

Series 2 light engines work with all Source Four lens tubes to deliver a high-quality, controllable beam of LED light. For the best results, we
highly recommend that you use EDLT lens tubes. We also offer a special LED-only version of the 50° lens tube. Combine with available adapters
to transform your fixture into a fully functional Fresnel or CYC light.

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    LED details: 60 Lumileds LUXEON® Rebel LED
    Max lumens: Series 2 Lustr: 8,667; Series 2 Daylight HD: 13,060; Series 2 Tungsten HD: 11,512
    Lumens per watt: Series 2 Lustr: 51.9; Series 2 Daylight HD: 52.7; Series 2 Tungsten HD: 55.3
    L70 rating (hours to 70% output): Lustr: 54,000 hours; Daylight/Tungsten HD: >60,000 hours

    Colors used:
    - Series 2 Lustr: Red, Amber, Lime, green, Cyan, Blue, Indigo;
    - Series 2 Daylight HD: Red, Mint, Blue, Indigo;
    - Series 2 Tungsten HD: Red, Red-Orange, Mint, Blue, Indigo
    Color temperature range: Series 2 Lustr: 2,200–6,500 K*
    Calibrated array: Yes
    Red shift: Yes (can be disabled)

    Beam angle: range Swappable lens tubes between 5°–90°
    Gate size: 80 mm
    Aperture size: 6.25–14 in (depending on lens tube)
    Pattern projection: Yes
    Pattern size: A or B
    Camera flicker control/Hz range: Yes: 900–25,000 Hz
    Notes: Can be used with LED CYC and Fresnel adapters