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ETC Source 4WRD Color - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC Source 4WRD Color

The Source 4WRD II PAR and PARNel Fixture Bodies allow you to transform your Source 4WRD II LED into a beautiful softlight. Taking advantage
of the great energy efficiency, cool operating temperatures, DMX dimming or line voltage dimming and no lamp changes, the Source 4WRD
PAR and PARNel deliver an amazing output without compromise.

• Houses of worship
• Universities and schools
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Exhibition centers
• Meeting rooms
• Clubs

• Fixture bodies for use with Source 4WRD II LED
• Works just like a Source Four PAR or PARNel, using the same accessories
• 155 W at full output
• Brighter than the 750 W HPL versions
• Uses same Source 4WRD II LED as the Source 4WRD II ellipsoidal

    - Nichia LEDs
    - 4,881 / 3,713 / 4,463 Max lumens
    - 33.9 / 36.8 / 34.3 Lumens per watt
    - L70 rating (hours to 70% output): TBA hours (both variants)*

    - Colors used: RGB-A (Red, Green, Blue and Amber)
    - Color temperature range 2,200–6,500 K
    - Calibrated array
    - No red shift

    - Swappable lens tubes between 5-90 degrees
    - 79 mm Gate size
    - 6.25”-14” (depending on lens tube) aperture size
    - Pattern projection
    - A or B Pattern size
    - 1.2 K and 20 K Camera flicker control/ Hz range