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ETC Source 4WRD Color PAR & PARNel - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC Source 4WRD Color PAR & PARNel

Upcycled Color
The Source 4WRD Color LED engine transforms your existing Source Four incandescent profile into an RGBA LED fixture, unlocking the world of additive color mixing, saturated washes, and quick color changes. It means more stage looks with fewer fixtures using less energy and needing less maintenance, all at a compelling price point.

Move 4WRD in Five
It takes less than five minutes to upcycle your Source Four to 4WRD Color. The Source 4WRD Color provides a simple, cost-effective, non-destructive retrofit of existing Source Four profile fixtures. You can quickly convert an incandescent Source Four ellipsoidal fixture to an RGBA color-changing luminaire while retaining all the best features of the Source Four.

The Z Factor
The Source 4WRD Color retrofit brings you all the features of the Source Four including the Z focus or peak adjustment knob. With the Z focus knob you can project patterns with perfectly flat fields or blended washes with nuanced falloff.

  • Source
    Nichia LEDs
    4,881 / 3,713 / 4,463 Max lumens
    33.9 / 36.8 / 34.3 Lumens per watt
    L70 rating (hours to 70% output): TBA hours (both variants)*

    Colors used: RGB-A (Red, Green, Blue and Amber)
    Color temperature range 2,200–6,500 K
    Calibrated array
    No red shift

    Swappable lens tubes between 5-90 degrees
    79 mm Gate size
    6.25”-14” (depending on lens tube) aperture size
    Pattern projection
    A or B Pattern size
    1.2 K and 20 K Camera flicker control/ Hz range