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grandMA3 extension - NAN Audiovisuais

grandMA3 extension

The grandMA3 extension is the perfect solution for remote playbacks on a small footprint and will be remote connected to the grandMA3 full-size, light or replay unit models. The grandMA3 extension can be used for follow spot caller, keylighting board operator, remote media server live calls or just as extension for the grandMA3 full-size, light and replay unit.

It comes with the letterbox screen built-in and will be remote connected via Ethernet for a highly flexible solution. 60 freely configurable playbacks including 15 motorized and RGB backlit faders and 30 RGB backlit rotary encoder plus additional encoders and level wheels add to the flexibility of the grandMA3 system.

1 internal letterbox multi-touch screen
2 multipurpose level wheels
2 multipurpose single encoder
30 rotary RGB backlit encoder
15 backlit motorized 60 mm faders
60 separate playbacks
1 etherCON connector
Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys