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grandMA3 onPC fader wing

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The grandMA3 onPC fader wing is designed as the perfect hardware playback expansion to the grandMA3 onPC software. In combination with this free of charge software, the grandMA3 onPC fader wing offers the full playback capabilities and adds 2 048 Parameters to the grandMA3 onPC parameter count.

Perfectly suited with 10 motorized faders and 20 rotary encoders the total of 40 playbacks are useful in any production that needs direct access to playbacks. The grandMA3 onPC fader wing can be combined with a grandMA3 onPC command wing or the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT. It expands both products with additional playback capabilities.

With a simple USB connection between the grandMA3 onPC fader wing and the computer running the grandMA3 onPC software, it offers two built-in DMX ports to send two additional DMX universes.

Real-time control for 2 048 parameters in combination with grandMA3 onPC
Expandable up to 4 096 parameters with onPC products and grandMA3 onPC
2 DMX connectors
1 USB connector
20 rotary RGB backlit encoder
10 motorized 60 mm faders
40 separate playbacks
Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys

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