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ETC Gio - NAN Audiovisuais


Gio provides complete control of conventional and moving lights, LEDs and media servers. Supports multiple users with partitioned parameter control and full backup, multiple playback faders and cue lists in a tracking, move fade environment, with unique forcefeedback encoders, two integral articulating multi-touch displays and
backlit keys.

Ready to hit the road
Need an energetic desk for a large touring show with a complex rig? Looking for a board that saves space in control rooms without scrimping on power? Want a desk compact enough to carry from the control booth to the tech table every day? ETC´s Gio® is an on-the-go road warrior in a tidy footprint that can handle shows of any size with ease. Boasting the programming capacity of the Eos Titanium (Eos Ti ® ) desk, Gio is ready to hit the road.

Gio has a fast, accessible control surface, with an easy-to-navigate backlit keypad. It includes two integral, articulating multi-touch displays and supports up to three external monitors, all of which can also be multi-touch.

    - 4096 or 24,576 outputs*
    - 32,768 Control Channels (mapped to any number from 1 to 99,999)
    - 10,000 Cues
    - 999 Cue Lists
    - 999 Submasters
    - 100 Fader Pages
    - 4 x 1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
    - 1000 Presets (all palette)
    - 1000 Groups
    - 1000 Effects (relative, absolute or step)
    - 99.999 Macros
    - 1000 Snapshots
    - 1000 Curves
    - 1000 Color Paths
    - Solid state hard drive
    - USB ports for flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards
    *Devices with 3 DVI connectors on the back panel can upgrade to 12,288 outputs.

    - Two individually configurable ethernet ports, 802.3af compliant PSE
    - ETCNet2™, Net3™ (powered by ACN), and Artnet and Avab UDP output protocols
    - Four DMX-512 / RDM Ports
    - Contact closure triggers via D-Sub connector
    - Three Display Port connectors support high-resolution external displays (1280x1024 minimum) with optional single-touch or multi-touch screen control. Display port to DVI adapters are provided.
    - USB multipurpose (seven ports)
    - MIDI Timecode, MIDI Show Control, MIDI Notes through Gateway
    - OSC Transmit and Receive
    - UDP Transmit and Receive
    - SMPTE Timecode through Gateway
    - Contact closure (12 analog inputs, 12 SPDT contact outputs, RS-232) through Gateway