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ETC ColorSource Consoles - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC ColorSource Consoles

ColorSource 20 and ColorSource 40
With ColorSource consoles, setup and programming is a breeze! From patching to performance, ColorSource consoles enable you to navigate and program quickly. The multi-function onboard touchscreen provides not only a customizable stage map but also color and parameter controls, a full palette system, effects manipulation, and the Playback Toy live busking controls.

The onboard faders can be used as direct channel controls or as playback faders. For preprogrammed shows, ColorSource consoles include comprehensive cue stack functionality. Assign additional faders as submasters, group masters, or a grandmaster.

ColorSource AV
ColorSource AV consoles retain all standard ColorSource features, but add sACN and Art-Net networking, OSC, audio input/output and an HDMI video connection.

Use the video output for an external status display monitor or as part of an integrated AV setup with sound and image cues. Use the groundbreaking Video Toy for immersive live media effects ? busk along with the band, or let the sound-to-light feature take over!

ColorSource AV consoles also support Amigo, a web-based remote focus tool.