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ETC ES1 - NAN Audiovisuais


Electronic Silent dimming
Lighting professionals around the globe have relied on ETC is dimming and power-control expertise for years. Now you can have noiseless, ETC-quality power control right at the luminaire. The convection-cooled ES1™ dimmer attaches to any tungsten luminaire up to 1500W and set at 230V output or 750W at 115V output for on-board distributed power control. It comes equipped with 1.5m power input and output cables to be permanently wired to a fixture or to an appropriate DC power connector.

Power control that won´t drown out the applause
During a performance, the audience should hear the talent on stage, not the hum of the luminaires. That is why the ES1 was designed with ETC is advanced Electronic Silent (ES) power-control technology for completely noise-free operation. Working without fans or filament buzz, the dimmer is silent, making it the perfect power-control solution for acoustically sensitive venues. You can outfit your entire rig with ES1 dimmers without interrupting the sound on stage.