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ETC Sensor3 - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC Sensor3

Lighting is changing
And it will keep changing. Sensor3 Power Control is designed to handle change.

Masterful power and dimming control
The Sensor3 Power Control system offers unparalleled power and dimming control for all fixture types. Today’s lighting systems are hybrids of all types of loads – LEDs, incandescent, arc-source movers, and sources just being invented. Sensor3 offers powerful dimming solutions for all types of fixtures while understanding that LEDs are now the dominant source.

The PhaseAdept dimming module for Sensor3 provides high-quality line dimming for LED fixtures and lamps. With PhaseAdept, ETC’s legendary dimming quality is paired with a feature set modern systems need. It produces smooth, continuous control of virtually any non-magnetic load; supports forward- and reverse-phase dimming; and has multiple dimming-curve settings. Plus, PhaseAdept is compatible with any vintage of ETC Sensor power enclosure, either shipping from the factory or those already in the field, regardless of processor, allowing users to upgrade their fixtures without the added expense of having to update their complete power infrastructure.

When you need even more options, the Sensor3 ThruPower module allows you to switch freely between constant circuit, on/off switching with true air-gap relays, and dimming for your lighting loads. The Sensor3 TPSR app from ETC maximizes the usefulness of Sensor ThruPower Modules. This free app helps technicians make sure every fixture gets the correct power delivered to it – whether that’s dimmed or switched. Find out more about the Sensor3 TPSR app.