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T10 - NAN Audiovisuais


The T10 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 6.5" drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and a 1.4" HF compression driver and a passive crossover network. The T10 can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source loudspeaker. The HF driver is fitted to a unique waveguide horn producing vertical line source directivity with a 90° horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately 600 Hz. An acoustic lens placed in front of the horn widens horizontal dispersion to 105°, rotation of the horn by 90° relative to this produces an accurate point source dispersion, transforming a vertically oriented T10 into a stand-alone full range loudspeaker with 90° horizontal and 35° vertical directivity pattern. 

2-way loudspeaker with rotatable horn for point and line source operation

Components 2 x 6.5"/1.4"
Dispersion 90° x 35° / 105°
SPLmax 130 / 132 dB
Weight 11 kg / 24 lb