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The compact, 2-way passive Yi7P loudspeaker features two 8? drivers in a dipole arrangement with a 1.4? compression driver mounted onto a rotatable CD horn. The Yi7P is the installation version of the Y7P loudspeaker and differs only in cabinet construction, finish and mounting hardware. Sophisticated horn geometry combined with the advanced bass-reflex port design delivers full bandwidth capabilities with an extended LF output. These point source, high performance cabinets offer 75? horizontal directivity controlled down to 500 Hz, matched with a vertical dispersion of 40?. The horn can be rotated by 90? to enable horizontal orientation.

Installation specific high performance 2-way passive point source loudspeaker

Components 2 x 8"/1.4"
Dispersion 75? x 40?
SPLmax 137 dB
Weight 18 kg / 40 lb

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