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The biaxial 10S/10S-D are high performance 2-way loudspeakers housing a single 10" driver in a bass-reflex enclosure and different HF sections. They are lightweight passive designs using neodymium drivers and large horns for accurate pattern control with rotatable dispersion characteristics of 75? x 50? and 110? x 55? respectively. With their frequency response from 60 Hz to 18 kHz both versions can be used as full range systems and can also be supplemented by different subwoofers from the xS-Series. The enclosures are constructed from marine plywood with an impact resistant black paint finish and are Ball Impact Resistant according to DIN 18032-3 for schools and sports halls.

Installation specific high performance 2-way loudspeaker

Components 10"/1.4"
Dispersion 75? x 50? rotatable
SPLmax 130 dB
Weight 13 kg / 29 lb

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