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21S-SUB - NAN Audiovisuais


The 21S-SUB is a high performance subwoofer for use with the xS-Series and xA-Series loudspeakers and is intended for a wide range of permanently installed applications. The cabinet houses a single long excursion 21" driver in a bass-reflex design. The large, specially shaped reflex port enables the 21S-SUB to achieve high Sound Pressure Levels from a cabinet with a small footprint. When operated in INFRA mode, the 21S-SUB can be used to complement other d&b subwoofers by extending the frequency response of the system down to 33Hz.

Installation specific high performance subwoofer with compact footprint

Components 21"
Dispersion Omni directional
SPLmax 135 dB
Weight 54 kg / 119 lb