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24C-E - NAN Audiovisuais


The 24C-E passive extender is for use with the 24C column loudspeaker. The cabinet houses six 4” neodymium drivers, providing an extension of vertical directivity down by a further octave to 190 Hz. Connections between the loudspeakers are made passively, requiring only one amplifier channel. The 4" drivers are arranged in a unique cardioid setup utilizing damped ports at the rear of the cabinet. This design provides a broadband attenuation to the rear of approximately 18 dB. The 24C-E loudspeaker enclosure is constructed from an extruded aluminium back and a metal baffle, while the front and sides of the cabinet are protected by a metal grill. The 24C-E features extendable rails to accommodate the attachments of the 24C.

Installation specific cardioid column extender

Components 6 x 4"
Dispersion 90º x 20º
SPLmax 128 dB
Weight 24C-E: 7 kg / 15.4 lb, 24C + 24C-E: 16 kg / 35 lb