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D80 - NAN Audiovisuais


The 2 RU four channel D80 amplifier is a high power density amplifier, ideally suited for use in both mobile and installation environments. It contains configurations for all d&b loudspeakers and a linear mode. The signal delay capability enables user definable settings of up to 10 s (= 3440 m/11286 ft) to be applied independently to each channel. The same applies to the two 16-band equalizers, providing optional parametric, asymmetric, shelving or notch filtering. The D80 incorporates a colour TFT touchscreen, offering quick access to the menu structure, while the rotary encoder can be used for fine adjustment.

High power four channel amplifier

Maximum output power
4 x 4000 W into 4 omega
All current d&b loudspeaker setups
Display Colour TFT touchscreen, 3.5"/320 x 240 pixel