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R90 - NAN Audiovisuais


The R90 Touchscreen remote control simplifies the general operation of a d&b system. The 7” panel PC grants any user, regardless of technical ability, with one-touch control of over predefined functions – power, mute, level, grouping and recall of up to nine AmpPresets. All control functions in R90 work independently of R1, eliminating the possibility of accidentally altering system settings.

The R90 is easily integrated in any d&b system up to 15 amplifiers without the need to program additional control protocols. A remote application can also be used on additional devices such as smartphones or tablets connected to the same network. Setup and configuration of R90 project settings can be accomplished quickly and easily, after which everyday activities can be managed without a technician present. The R90 touchscreen control expands the d&b system solution approach, simplifying general operation of even the most sophisticated sound setup.
Based on a Beckhoff PC, featuring a powerful 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor suitable for control of any d&b audio installation.

Control panel

  • Intuitive user interface for control of general functions of a d&b system
  • Simple setup for system integrators, no additional code required
  • Manage daily operation of a d&b system without technician