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LA212X v2 (passivo)

The Bass Section
Two 12" (3 inch voice coil), high Bl (Force factor), neodymium low frequency drivers are loaded by two proprietary Hybrid-Horns. The horn mouths are horizontally separated by a "tuned" distance that uses the Tuned Dipolar Array effect to achieve exceptional low frequency horizontal dispersion control with the nominal angle being maintained down to 280Hz. In a live situation, the low frequencies optimal directional control provided by this technology will prevent LF signals from the sound reinforcement system to reenter the live stage leaving it much “cleaner”.

The Mid Section
The mid-frequency section is equipped with one high-performance 10 inch speaker (3 inch voice coil), mounted coaxially behind the HF drivers, loaded by a, mathematically complex, directivity control device that cleverly eliminates the HF section acoustic “shadow”. Due to the physical diameter of 10 inch driver it is impossible to achieve interference-free, close coupling of wavesources at the frequencies necessary to crossover with HF drivers, so a proprietary WAVE SPLITER device was developed. This device causes the 10 inch driver to behave as twin adjacent 5 inch drivers mounted at half the physical distance. The distance between these adjacent virtual drivers is close enough to couple coherently in the vertical plane extending the upper frequency limit for line source behavior, projecting sound waves farther than traditional systems with a more evenly distributed sound output pattern. In addition, the LA212X mid-frequency section employs a Correction Phase Device which equalizes speakers cone acoustical path lengths and thereby minimizes high-frequency cancelations and distortion caused by phase differences, greatly increasing the speakers ability to produce clear, accurate and “vocals-in-the-face” realistic sound. This device and the associated horn are optimized to create a high compression ratio which rises conversion efficiency to reach an incredible sensitivity of 115 dB at 1W@1m in full space.

  • Type: Horn-Loaded 3-Way Line Array Element
    Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 60Hz - 19.000Hz
    LF Extension (-10dB): 52HZ
    Maximum SPL: 138dB/144dB (Full-Space)
    Dispersion (HxV): 90º (Down to 280Hz) x 8º