MK3.10-System - NAN Audiovisuais


2xM3 + 2xK10sA

The MK 3.10 System is an Active 2-way system, integrating the Kubix K10sA to power the passive Matrix M3.

These speaker arrays have been developed in order to offer the highest intelligibility at high SPL and wider frequency response while providing constant beam-width over a user selectable vertical coverage. This accurate beam control extends up to 10kHz, well beyond the benchmark of 4kHz of traditional single-driver loudspeakers.
To better control the lower frequencies, the Tuned Dipolar Technology was developed by NEXT-proaudio engineers to provide much more consistent low frequency pattern control than other similar size systems.
A user selectable Music / Vocal mode switch is incorporated to allow quick and easy system optimization. Music mode provides a flat, balanced frequency response, while Vocal mode adds a mid-range presence for enhanced speech intelligibility.
NEXT MATRIX column arrays are able to focus the acoustical energy where it is needed, the listening area, leading to significant improvements to speech intelligibility and musical clarity even in critical acoustic environments.

Complete System Configuration:
2 – Matrix M3
2 – Kubix K10sA
2 - NEXT Speaker Pole Bracket for MATRIX
2 - Adjustable Distance Tube (0.82 - 1.4 m)
2 - Speaker cable 2 x 2.5mm² NL4 2.2m