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M8 (passivo)

The MATRIX passive column arrays are composed of closely-spaced state of the art, 3” neodymium transduers housed in a stylish and yet sturdy aluminum/wood chassis for excellent Architectural Integration.

These speaker arrays have been developed in order to offer the highest intelligibility at high SPL and wider frequency response while providing constant beam-width over a user selectable vertical coverage. This accurate beam control extends up to 10kHz, well beyond the benchmark of 4kHz of traditional single-driver loudspeakers.

To better control the lower frequencies, the Tuned Dipolar Technology was developed by NEXT-proaudio engineers to provide much more consistent low frequency pattern control than other similar size systems.

A user selectable Music / Vocal mode switch is incorporated to allow quick and easy system optimization. Music mode provides a flat, balanced frequency response, while Vocal mode adds a mid-range presence for enhanced speech intelligibility.

Type: Tuned Dipolar, Variable Beam Straight Line Array
Frequency Response (-10dB): 135Hz - 20kHz
Eq. Optimization Mode: Vocal or Music (User Selectable)
Horizontal Coverage: 90º (+/-20º 1.5-5kHz)
Vertical Coverage: 25º(+/-10º 1.2-16kHz) / (+10º/-5º 1.5-16kHz)