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LAs418G (passivo)

Double Bass Ground Stack Reflex Subwoofer

Housing two long excursion and very high power 18" drivers, this Subwoofer has been designed to offer ultra-low frequencies at a very high SPL delivering magnificent precision and punch at incredible pressure levels.

The cabinet volume with optimized port tuning - featuring extremely high peak-to peak excursion capability - is capable of delivering true sub performance down to 24Hz at -10dB. Providing low frequency resolution and a maximum SPL of 143.8dB in a 90kg, front loaded, bass reflex enclosure and measuring 516mm x 920mm x 1030mm (HxDxW), the subwoofer incorporates eight handles.

Housed within a multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure and finished in textured black semi-matte coating, the LAs418G can be deployed in either standard or cardioid configuration using the parallel wired Neutrik NL4 conector on the front of the Subwoofer.

Type: Passive Very High Power Reflex Subwoofer
Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 28Hz - 250Hz
LF Extension (-10dB): 24HZ
Maximum SPL: 143.8dB/149.8dB (Half-space)
Power (Pgm/Peak): 6000W/12000W (10ms)