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LAs418A (ativo)

Active Double Bass Reflex Subwoofer

The LAs418A houses two long excursion and very high power B&C 18" drivers powered by the DPA3000 (power module with DSP). This unit is capable of delivering up to 3200Wrms with a magnificent precision and punch at incredible SPL, combining optimized acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic solutions to maximized efficiency.

The heart of the LAs418A, is a powerful, light weight, highly efficient Class D power amplifier module, with PFC switch mode power supply from Powersoft. The DPA3000 delivers an impressive sonic punch with perfectly balanced, rich and transparent, sound at any volume. The PC controlled DSP 24bit/48kHz with A/D-D/A low noise converters, provides 4 selectable Presets (3 factory defined and 1 User defined) that can be accessed by an easy selector, located on the front module panel or real time edited with a PC, using Armonia software. This allows to easily customize the sound program, for various applications or different venues. An intelligent automatic standby mode is activated when the amplifier detects no input signal, saving energy and extending the expected work life. With Powersoft Armonia software is possible to edit the 3 pre-loaded Presets and store it on the user defined memory location. Editable parameters are: Peak Filters, High-Shelf/Low-Shelf Filters, Band-Pass/Band-Stop Filters, All-Pass Filters, High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters, Input delay, polarity and gain. LAs418A can be used on the same software platform as the N-RAK and PXA8001.

Type: Active High Power Reflex Subwoofer
Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 28Hz - 250Hz
LF Extension (-10dB): 24Hz
Maximum SPL: 140dB/143dB (Half-space)
Section Power (RMS/Program/Peak) LF: 3200W/4500W/6400W