N-RAK12 - NAN Audiovisuais


NEXT-proaudio has developed a unified rack solution N-RAK, designed for optimum performance flexibility and setup simplicity. The new rack was configured to interface seamlessly allowing multiple configurations for the entire NEXT-proaudio’s product range. Consisting in a family of 5 different models, N-RAK 6, N-RAK 12, N-RAK 20, N-RAK40, N-RAK80, all the N-RAKS are equipped with Powersoft amplifiers, featuring Dante™ audio networking functionality (optionally on N-RAK20, N-RAK40, N-RAK80).

N-RAK was created as a universal platform developed to facilitate cross-rental between NEXT-proaudio’s Users worldwide and to ensure compatibility with the cabling standard of the systems.
The N-RAK has Dante (optional on models 20, 40 and 80), AES3 and Analog inputs for multiple connections, making the setup process greatly simplified and much more efficient than the former LA Rack. With the Powersoft amplifiers already built in and no assembly required, it’s an easy-to-configure, all-in-one amplifier solution that eliminates the process of building amp racks. The N-RAK touring rack offers an advanced rack solution for all NEXT-proaudio’ systems covering signal and power distribution in a plug-and-play touring package.

Number of Channels: 8
Single Channel Mode (2 omega): 8 x 1250W
Power Supply: Universal, regulated switch mode
Operating Voltage: 90V - 264V
Dimensions (WxHxD): 600mm x 530mm x 800mm