PXA8001 - NAN Audiovisuais


Perfectly integrated, the PX system Power Rack is the heart of the system. Composed by a very powerful Powersoft amplifier module, with PFC and SMPS, and a Powersoft DSP, integrated to Armonia, this power rack is capable of driving a wide range of system´s configurations with absolute reliability and ample headroom.

The system amplifier is based in a Powersoft amplifier module, that features a fixed switching frequency design of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) block allowing for maximum performance, high predictability and immunity from intermodulation artefacts; all this with an additional and extensive set of protection mechanisms (power limiters, thermal shutdown, short circuit and overload, clip limiter): there´s no quality without reliability! Working at optimal efficiency, little power is wasted and the need for heat dissipation is reduced, resulting in long-term reliability with an astounding power output of 4 x 2000W into 4?. Two PXH64 or PXH95 and four PXL118 can be driven with extreme operational reliability and sound quality.

Type: 4-Channel PX System Power Rack
Amplifier: SMPS with PFC Class D Amplifier
Total Power: 8000W
System Presets: 4 Factory Presets (PXH64 Flat, PXH64 Music, PXH95 Flat, PXH95 Music)
Net Weight: 19 kg