DP260 - NAN Audiovisuais


2IN 6OUT Loudspeaker Management System

The NEXT DP260 is an accurate yet affordable sound processor, for professional sound system management, considerably more powerful than similarly priced units, providing a versatile and economical alternative for system designers.
This digital speaker processor delivers excellent sound quality and an impressive variety of processing functions. It features 2 inputs and 6 outputs, and has a 3 band parametric equalizer for each input. Outputs all feature crossover filters, 5 band parametric equalizer, phase inversion, gain, source selector, delay and fully featured high performance limiter with complete control over attack, release and threshold parameters. Other features included a choice of 6 to 48dB/Octave roll-off, and Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley or 12dB variable Q, responses.

Crosstalk: <100dB
Distortion: 0.005% (1.000Hz at +4dBu)
Processor (DSP): 40Bit floating point
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Analogue Converters: 24Bit