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MA6000 (analógico)

3U Professional Power Amplifier

The supply
The MA series power supply uses high-current toroidal transformers and a huge capacitor bank to ensure an uncommonly high amount of stored energy. This makes a critical difference in sound quality allowing incredible transient response and speakers motion control, even when driving 2 omega loads.

The audio performance
To achieve its remarkable sound quality, the NEXT MA series output circuits were engineered as a high bandwidth, very low bias and feedback class AB or H (MA3200 andMA3800), using the highest grade linear output devices. This approach yields outstanding studio-quality sound accuracy and detail.

Stereo 8 omega: 2x 1400W
Bridge 4 omega: 6000W
Frequency Response (half power): 15Hz - 25.000Hz (+0 / -1dB)
Damping Factor 1kHz at 8 omega: >400:1
Input Impedance: 10k omega  balanced to ground