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Cryo-Fog - NAN Audiovisuais


Low fog generator to be used with high pressure tank

The CRYO-FOG High Pressure is a powerful low fog generator with 2300 Watt. All build into a compact flightcase, the CRYO-FOG High Pressure contents a low temperature fog generator, a fan as well as a cooling chamber with space next to the fog generator to held a 5ltr can of fluid.
- Fog generator, fan and cooling system in a compact case
- DMX as standard, analogue (0 - 10V) and stand-alone-mode
- In the DMX-mode the pump, the fan and the CO 2-valve can be adjusted separately
- Can be used as a "normal" fog generator in DMX-mode
- Fogging output adjustable in steps of 1% from 0 - 99%
- Low fogging process starts automatically only if the cooling chamber has reached the right temperature
- Easy handling
- Powerful output
- Continuous output
- Easy bottle changing with quick-out connectors
- For operation with high pressure cylinders with riser tube
- Made in Germany

  • Procedure: Vaporizing fog machine with CO2 cooling system
    Power requirement: 2300 Watt / 1700 Watt (at 120 V)
    Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz, 120 V / 60 Hz
    Warm up time: approx. 7 min.
    Fluid consumption: at 100% output 100 ml/min, at 50% output 40 ml/Min.
    Fluid tank capacity: 5 liter
    Fog output: adjustable in 99 steps
    Fogging time: continous output
    Temperature control: Microprocessor controlled
    Overheating protection: Heater block/thermostat, Pump/Thermal switch
    Control: DMX 512, 0 - 10 V analog
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 67 x 51 x 30 cm
    Weight: 33 kg incl. canister
    Delivery includes: Truecon mains cable, Connecting tube for CO2-bottle, 5L canister Cryo-Fog-Fluid