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ETC Desire Fresnel - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC Desire Fresnel

Discover a modern classic
Fresnels have been around since the beginning of lighting design. These incandescent workhorse fixtures were known for their smooth wash and adjustable zoom.

Combining all of the best features of incandescent Fresnels with the latest technology of LEDs, is a classic reimagined in Desire Fresnel.

Full range of emotional color
The Lustr X8 array brings subtle nuanced colors back to your stage. Colors you’ve been missing from a corner of the spectrum that has long been unreachable by LED sources. This is possible because of the introduction of deep red LEDs.

Deep red brings new life and energy to your stage, your costumes, your scenery, and most importantly, skin. Skin tones of every color find new depth and dimension with the addition of deep red. Desire Fresnel includes more of the visual spectrum that made incandescent sources warm and full of life.

Perhaps even more exciting is what happens when we add deep red to cool tones like blues and greens. It’s this nuanced color that takes a lighting design from good to great.

  • Source
    LED details: Lumileds LUXEON® C
    Max lumens: 6,176
    Lumens per watt: 54
    L70 rating (hours to 70% output)*: >54,000 hours

    Colors used: Deep Red, Red, Amber, Lime, Green,Cyan, Blue, Indigo
    Color temperature range: 1900–10450 K
    Calibrated array: Yes
    Red shift: Yes (selectable)

    Beam angle range: 13–55°
    Gate size: N/A
    Aperture size: 178 mm (7 in)
    Pattern projection: No
    Pattern size: N/A
    Camera flicker control/Hz range: Flicker-free 20,000 Hz