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XSL8 - NAN Audiovisuais


The XSL8 is a mobile specific line array module purposefully designed for small to medium scale sound reinforcement. It can also supplement GSL and KSL Systems as fill and delay. Up to twenty-four / twenty-two cabinets in compression or tension mode from XSL Flying frames and up top twelve cabinets from the smaller XSL Mounting frames can be flown in vertical columns to produce an 80° constant directivity dispersion pattern in the horizontal plane. The XSL8 houses two 8” neodymium forward facing LF drivers, two side firing 6.5” neodymium LF drivers, one horn-loaded 6.5” MF driver, and two 1” exit HF compression drivers with 2” voice coils mounted to a dedicated wave shaping device.  Due to the patented arrangement of the front and side firing LF drivers, in combination with their specific processing functions, seamless directivity is maintained from 60 Hz to above 18 kHz.

Mobile specific small to medium format 3-way line array loudspeaker

- Components LF: 2 x 8" + 2 x 6.5"; MF: 1 x 6.5"; HF: 2 x 1" exit compression driver with 2" coil
- Dispersion 80°
- SPLmax 141 dB
- Weight 39 kg / 86 lb