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ETC fos/4 Fresnel - NAN Audiovisuais

ETC fos/4 Fresnel

Fresnels have been around since the beginning of lighting design. These incandescent workhorse fixtures are known for their smooth wash, adjustable zoom capabilities, and incredible brightness. With the addition of LEDs, Fresnels became more about the technology and less about beautiful light. You were left with a fixture that was as described ? LED fixtures with a Fresnel lens.

fos/4 takes the most desired features of a standard incandescent Fresnel and adds in the nuanced color mixing, smooth fades, and LED technology of ETC?s other professional grade fixtures. With fos/4, you get a true Fresnel with an LED engine, not the other way around.

It?s time to give your viewers the most realistic environments and skin tones possible. Why fix in postproduction what you can realize in production? fos/4 is available in both a tunable white light Daylight HDR array and a full color Lustr X8 array.

Intuitive UI
The user interface was designed with the cinematic workflow in mind. Features are simple and intuitive without compromising efficiency. The four backlit encoders change colors to correspond to the attributes they control on the screen.

Even new users can quickly and accurately adjust settings.

Color control
With fos/4 you have the option to change your fixture?s default philosophy. When working with additive color, the fixture often decides how to mix the color requested. There are many different options. Traditionally fixtures choose to mix the brightest version of the color you?re trying to make. While this gives you intensity, it does not give you quality light. Aiming for quality may mean a noticeable decrease in intensity. We?re now letting you decide what you want to see. Use the tune functionality to choose brightest or best spectral.

Wireless control
Near field communication (NFC) enables you to push and pull information including fixture setup using ETC?s Set Light app from your mobile phone or tablet, even when the fixture isn?t powered.

Or use City Theatrical?s Multiverse wireless DMX control with your console. Broadcast as many as 10 universes of DMX from a single transmitter without excessive radio energy.

  • Source
    LED details: Lumileds LUXEON® C
    Max lumens:
    - Lustr X8: 7,406
    - Daylight HDR: 9,703
    Lumens per watt:
    - Lustr X8: 41.7
    - Daylight HDR: 44.1
    L70 rating (hours to 70% output): >54,000 hours

    Colors used:
    - Lustr X8: Deep Red, Red, Amber, Lime, Green, Cyan, Blue, Indigo
    - Daylight HDR: Deep Red, Red, Mint, Cyan, Blue, Indigo
    Color temperature range: 1900–10450 K
    Calibrated array: Yes
    Red shift: Yes (selectable)

    Beam angle range: 13-55°
    Gate size: N/A
    Aperture size: 178 mm (7 in)
    Pattern projection: No
    Pattern size: N/A
    Camera flicker control/Hz range: Flicker-free 20,000 Hz